Manufacturing Facilities

  • Raw Material : Procured from Reputed Steel mills as per customer specification. Color coded and arranged inhouse in racks, spectrometer ensures that correct chemical composition before it is take in use.

  • Cutting : Fully automatic bandsaws can cut raw material upto 300mm in dia and with minimum wastage.

  • Heat Treatment : Pit type furnaces with automated panels and graph recorder ensure consistent results in Volume Hardening, Annealing, Normalizing and Case Carburizing. Tanks with different quenching media is used to heat treat a wide array of alloy steel

  • CNC Induction Hardening : : Can do components upto 1400mm in length and 220mm in dia. Dual frequency induction hardening machines installed, 10&30Khz to enable us to get precise case depth as required by customer.

  • Forging : Pneumatic Hammer capabale of forging shafts upto 250mm dia x3000mm length and Ring upto 500mm dia x 250mm height. Offset Forging and Die forging also done for components from 3kg-240kgs.

  • CNC Machines : Numerous Turning Centers, VMC are installed inhouse to machine components upto 1200 mm in length and 500mm in dia.

  • CNC Gun Drilling : Can Drill from 4mm to 20mm utpo 650mm in length.

  • Conventional Machines : Numerous Lathes, Radial Drills, Universal Milling, Capstan Lathe ensure that pre machining activity is done inhouse thereby adhering to our motto of “On Time Delivery”.

  • Grinding Machines : : Both heavy duty Cylindrical and Centerless Grinding machines installed to grind components upto 1200mm in length and 250mm dia.

  • Wielding : Wielding manipulator along with fixtures ensures uniform deposition and consistentcy in process..

  • Roller Burnishing : : SPM installed for burnishing cylinder bore upto 160mm dia and 450mm in length.

  • Inspection Facilities : : 2D- Digital Height Gauge, Spectrometer, Magnetic Crack Detection, Brinell Hardness Tester, Rockwell Hardness Tester, Portable Hardness Tester, Abrasive Cutoff Machine, Grinders & Polishers, Verniers, Micrometers, Dial Gauges, Thread gauges etc ensure customer end rejections are close to zero!.